C is for Cottage

Materials for the Year

  1. How to make the letters
    As we go over letters, parents may need assistance to guide their children at home. This chart show exactly how the letters are made. Here are several samples of Mr. Walter’s Italic hand: 1, 2, and 3.

  2. How to hold the pencil
    Here is a video on how to hold the pencil correctly. Watch carefully—no two fingers on the top!

  3. Handwriting inspiration
    My son Samuel shows how the copperplate hand is executed using flexible steel nibs. Here  are two sample letters (A and B) as well as another video of Samuel writing out John 3:16.

  4. Blank handwriting sheet
    A blank sheet that may be printed out for dictation and handwriting practice.

  5. Letter family practice
    Print the following sheets out for additional handwriting practice.

  6. Extra Cursive Italic Handwriting Practice

  7. movement: 1) swing up 2) go back 3) shoulder 4) horizontal 5) horizontal to diagonal

  8. special letters: 1) cursive e  2) cursive r  3) cursive z

  9. Dictation Exercises
    Print out these sheets for practice in spelling and punctuation.

  10. Sample Reading and Phonics Textbook Lessons
    Here are Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 of the Textbook. This is a sample from a midyear lesson: Lesson 17.

Assignments for C is for Cottage Class

The date listed is the day on which the assignment is given in class; the assignment is not due until the following week. Click on the hyperlink (specific date) for the assignment. Light gray indicates days when classes do not meet and no assignment will be given.

General Syllabus

Each week the “C is for Cottage in the Country” students will be assigned a lesson in their handwriting textbook as well as literature textbook, which includes reading passages with comprehension questions and lessons in phonics, grammar and vocabulary development. See the learning objectives for the course here.


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1     8     15     22     29


6     13     20      27


3    10     17     24     31


7     14     21     28


7     14     21     28


4      11     18     25


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