Examples in Teaching: Greek Influence Project


Class of 2011

Samuel Walter The Fall of Troy in Song

Class of 2014

  1. Grace Mox A Paper Cutting

  2. Nathan Flood The Bow of Odysseus

  3. Jonam and Elsa Walter The Revenge of Odysseus: a Poem Put to Music

  4. Isaac Linton The Legend of the Cyclops

  5. Timothy Harper Odysseus and the Cyclops (Poem)

  6. Isaac Shaw Italians and their Spaghetti (Drama)

  7. Tad Lyon  How to Blind a Giant (Puppet Show)

  8. John Paul Stevens The Journey to Phaeacia

  9. Marisa Sankey Eugenius and the Young Noble

  10. Siddhartha Jagannath Agenor of Heraklion

The Greek Influence class studied Greek literature and its influence on art, music and most importantly, literature. So many works of English literature as well as of Western music and art have been inspired by the myths, drama and epic poetry of classical Greece: Handel’s oratorios, Breugel’s Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, Keats’ odes, and Shakespeare’s tragedies are just a few monumental examples. After studying myths and Greek literature themselves, students were assigned to compose a piece of music, write a short story, or make a painting, sculpture or other work of art that interprets a myth.