A Journey’s Start

Materials for the Year

  1. Syllabus for 2018–2019
    In addition to giving an overview of assignments, the syllabus contains important information regarding vacation days and the tentative date for Speech Night. Once classes begin, be sure to look at weekly assignments posted here.

  2. Spelling Words
    This spelling list was compiled from misspelled words on past compositions and writing assignments.

  3. Book Reports
    A format sheet for
    fiction and non-fiction book reports. You may choose your own book with my approval or find something on this book list for Foundations students.

  4. Parthenon Project
    Toward the beginning of the year when we read about the Peloponnesian War, we will be
    doing the Parthenon Project, which students will be directed to download.

  5. List of Bookmarks
    Here is a list of book marks for the Grand Prize. Collect 25 bookmarks and receive a grand prize at the end of the year—or collect all of the ones marked green! The last day you can turn in your bookmarks for a prize will be the first week in May!

  6. Poetry Project
    The Foundations class will be working on writing a poem for a contest.

  7. Blank Essay Sheet
    Please print out this blank sheet for all handwritten assignments.

  8. Essay Score Sheets
    Please print out this sheet and attach it to your particular essay (on top); make sure it fits the format of the essay that you have written.
    Comparison Format

  9. Material for Lesson 1
    For those who do not have their books yet, You can print out all the material for the first assignment.

  10. Grade Sheets
    Students must bring their grade sheets bring to every class. The sheet will provide parents a means of gauging their child’s progress throughout the year.

Assignments for Foundations Class

The date listed is the day on which the assignment is given in class; the assignment is not due until the following week. Click on the hyperlink (specific date) for the assignment. Light gray indicates days when classes do not meet and no assignment will be given.


7     14     21     28


5     12     19     26


2     9     16     23     30


7     14     21     28


4     11     18     25


1     8     15     22


1     8     15     22     29


5      12     19     26


3      10     17     24