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Literature Classes

See the course descriptions for next academic year, 2019–2020. The deadline to sign-up for the 2019–2020 academic year will be March 1, 2019.

Literature Assignment Page

The classes page that contains hyperlinks for the various assignment pages of the courses is located on the menu in the header of this page.

Language Arts Curriculum

This page presents the curriculum that is used for the literature, writing, and grammar instruction from first grade to twelfth. The curriculum is used for the courses offered. Families who are not signed up for the classes are welcome to purchase the books posted; however, because I usually revise the books before the academic year begins, those signed up for the classes should wait till July 1, 2019 to purchase them for the upcoming academic year.

Art Classes

View art work completed by the teacher and his students. The date of the art show will be posted soon.

Other Courses

Other courses are offered periodically, including AP history courses, French, Latin and New Testament Greek.

Resources for Parents

This page includes hyperlinks for book lists, articles on homeschooling, examples in teaching, and SAT and AP preparation.


This blog informs students and parents of important matters regarding the literature and art classes. The blog is archived chronologically.

Speech Night

Speech Night is a formal event given at the end of the school year in which each student delivers a 3- to 6-minute speech completely without notes to a general audience. The event may include dramatic monologues, poetry recitations and plays. This page is a video and audio archive of past speeches. The scheduled date for speech night for the 2018–2019 academic year is May 24, 2019.

Examples in Teaching

One of the most important pedagogical methods often neglected is the use of models for imitation. Students may be told what to do, but unless they have an example, they most likely they will not fully understand how to accomplish what they are asked. This page is an archive of past student work that new students may use as a practical and inspirational resource for their own academic and creative work.

Contact Form

Use this form when registering for classes.

Dress Code
This page will inform you of the dress code regarding our home school.

Class Policies

This page will inform you regarding class policies and important rules regarding how children should behave at the church.