Note that the answer keys are only available for the first four levels of the language arts curriculum (A is for Apple through Foundations). The second semester grammar book has a chapter test answer key at the end of the book.

     The level of maturity and reading comprehension skills vary among students of the same age or grade and therefore a broad range of grades is listed for most of the courses.

A is for Apple (Grade 1)

First Semester A is for Apple Book 

Second Semester A is for Apple Book

Handwriting Book 

Optional Answer Key 

Optional Teacher's Guide

B is for Birds (Grades 2–3)

First Semester Book 

Second Semester Book 

Handwriting Book

Optional Teacher's Guide 

Optional Answer Key Book 

Vice and Virtue (Grades: 4–6)

Vice and Virtue Reader

Vice and Virtue Reading Study Guide 

Vice and Virtue Grammar and Poetics Study Guide

Grammar and Poetics Answer Key  

Reading Answer Key  

Vice and Virtue Teacher's Guide  

Foundations (Grades: 5–7)

Foundations Reader 

Foundations Reading Study Guide 

Foundations Grammar and Poetics Study Guide

Foundations Reading Answer Key 

Foundations Grammar and Poetics Answer Key 

Foundations Teacher's Guide 

English Literature and History (Grades: 6–8)

Literature Reader

Literature Study Guide

History Reader

History Study Guide

Personal Narrative (Grades: 7–9)

Narrative Reader

Narrative Study Guide

Classic Works (Grades: 8–10)

Classic Works Reader

Classic Works Study Guide

Short Story (Grades: 9–12)


Study Guide

Drama, Writing and Speech (DWS) Class (Grades: 10–12)

DWS Reader

DWS Study Guide

Great Books Seminar

GBS Reader 1
GBS Reader 2

GBS Study Guide

Online Grammar Class (Grades: 6–12)

Containing instruction on the “theoretical” part of grammar, the first book listed below is for the 2016–2017 school year. The second book listed contains instruction on conventions will be covered the following year (2017–2018).

Grammar Book 2016–2017

Grammar Book (Usage) for School Year 2017–2018