Book Lists

Below are some summer reading book lists recommend to students for summer reading. Click on the picture below with the particular year.

Sites for the Christian Family

  1. On this page is a collection of links to sites that may be of use to both students and families. Although not all of the sites listed are Christian, they all contain profitable material.

Reading Room

  1. The reading room is an e-text library for profitable reading. Students taking Mr. Walter’s literature class will find this page especially helpful. Also included are interesting video and audio clips. Right now this page is under construction

Preparing for College

  1. This page will be helpful for parents who are preparing to send their child to college.

Examples in Teaching

  1. This page will give you some examples of practical teaching and includes examples of writing and other media created by students.

Language Arts Curriculum

  1. This page posts the curriculum used by all of the classes, including readers and study guides.