Speech Night 2017

Part 1

“The Perfect Family Vacation” by Haley Garecht   Transcript     Audio

Jane Austen Talks about the Wealthy by Miriam Shera   Transcript     Audio

A is for Apple Class Recitation   Transcript     Audio

“A Morning Song” by Isaac Watts: Ana Mohan, Linus Haselbarth, Margot Mohan, and Lucia Volpe; “There is But One May in the Year” by Christina Rossetti: Athena Nolan and John Lengkeek

Foundations Poetry Recitation   Transcript     Audio

Isaac Watts, “Through Every Age, Eternal God”: Matthew Kuznicki, Nathanael Chen; Christina Rossetti, “Good Friday”: Bridget Haselbarth, Thomas Dierkes; Emily Dickinson, “I Had No Time to Hate”: Justice Kocher; William Cowper, “Light Shining out of Darkness”: Nate Tom, Luke Bushra; William Blake, “The Echoing Green”: Monica Levis, Tricia Gardner; William Wordsworth, “Lines Written in March”: Micah Volpe

“A Time to Speak” by Caroline Nicholson   Transcript     Audio

“Childhood Toys” by Zipporah Ellis   Transcript     Audio

One Out of Ten by B. Callahan, G. Metzger, H. Burrowes and I. Thomas       Audio

CAST Phillips/Sign holder/Cameraman, Anthony McCarthy; Jim Parsons, Ben Callahan; Freda Dunny, Irene Thomas; Advertiser, Hannahgrace Burrowes

Five-minute Intermission; Part 2

“The Curtain Briefly Drawn” by Audrey Drennen   Transcript     Audio

“Moving Home” by Antonia Milani   Transcript     Audio

B is for Birds Poetry Recitation   Transcript     Audio

“Dependence” by William Cowper: Trevor Livezey, Patrick Nolan, Jason Bushra, Eleos Chung, Rose Kocher

Vice and Virtue Poetry Recitation   Transcript     Audio

John Greenleaf Whittier, “Barefoot Boy”: Micah Lozano, Andrew Stevens; Robert Frost, “The Pasture”: Eliza Copeland; “The Eagle”: Jesse Maio; “Praise to Our Creator”: Francesca Milani; “I’m Nobody”: Jane Stalnaker;“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”: Cecilia Volpe, Lucas Mohan

The Car We Had to Push by A. Lozano, E. Sargeant, and E. Ko   Transcript     Audio

CAST Narrator, Christian Lengkeek; James Thurber/Actor, Jacob Louie; Father/Edgar/Friend, Isaiah Chen; Mother/Friend, Elisabeth Ko; Get-Ready Man/ Grandfather/Friend, Ethan Tom; Roy/Zenas, Evi Sargeant; Lear/ Fool/ Driver, Will Copeland

“Rising Above” by Joshua Louie   Transcript     Audio

Fears of the Imagination by Miriam Sterrett   Transcript     Audio

“Be Yourself?” by Sam Bushra   Transcript     Audio

The Mad Tea Party by Jon. Noble, R. Gardner, J. Noble, M. Dierkes   Transcript     Audio

CAST Hatter, Grant Metzger; Hare, Robert Gardner; Dormouse, Jonathan Noble; Alice, Maria Dierkes; Pamphleteer, Joshua Noble

Five-minute Intermission; Part 3

Announcement of Poetry Contest Winners

“Binsey Poplars” by Girard Manley Hopkins; setting by Jean Milani   Transcript     Audio

“Dissent or Disloyalty?” by William Livezey    Transcript     Audio

Everyman: A Modernized Medieval Morality Play    Transcript     Audio

CAST Everyman, Grace MacLacklin; Death, Jesse Harper; Friendship, Gianluca Milani; Company, Sophia Burrowes; Kindred, Elise Lengkeek; Cousin, Emma Lengkeek; Political Affiliation, Anna Rose Walter; Goods, Elise Bushra; Evangelist, Derek Luther

“Problems with Purchases” by Elsa Walter   Transcript     Audio

“The Glorious Teenage Years” by Grace Ellis   Transcript     Audio

Refreshments in Fellowship Hall