English Literature and History

Materials for the Year

Syllabus 2018–2019

  1. In addition to giving an overview of assignments, the syllabus contains important information regarding vacation days and the tentative date for Speech Night. Once classes begin, be sure to look at weekly assignments posted here.


  1. Each week students will study a list of new words for spelling and be tested in class.

Book Report Format Sheet

  1. You will be reading at least one book listed in the appendix of your book on page 413.


  1. In order to do battle in class (a battle of wits, of course), you will need a shield with heraldry. Use these sheets for information on heraldry: charges, colors, lines, beasts. Also, to use describe the heraldry properly (or blazon), see examples. You may also view students’ heraldic shields of previous years.

Numismatist Pages

  1. There are some old and valuable currency in circulation. To find out whether your Anglo-Saxon dollars are valuable, check out the Numismatist Pages below.

  2. Old-Style Edwigs

  3. Edmund the Ironsides

  4. Old-style Cnut

  5. The “Censored Aethelstan”

  6. Alfred

Monetary Laws

  1. Here are the rules for accumulating Anglo-Saxon Dollars for prizes.

Lindisfarne Gospels

  1. View one page of the beautiful Lindisfarne Gospels. Part of the Cotton Library, this wonderful manuscript may be found in the British Library.


  1. Test 1 on the Briton (Celtic) Period
    Test 2 on the Middle Ages
    Test 3 Elizabethan and Jacobean Period
    Test 4
    Neoclassical Period

Anglo-Saxon Kings of England

  1. Here is a list of the Anglo-Saxon kings put in a way that will be easier to memorize.

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

  1. You should commit this map of the seven Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms to memory.

Monarchs after the Norman Conquest

  1. Here is a list of the kings after the Norman Conquest.

Online Works

  1. Article on King John’s Teeth

  2. Article on King Arthur

  3. Anselm’s Proslgion.

  4. Anglo-Saxon Riddles

  5. Bede’s biography of Pope Gregory

  6. Thomas Brooks, “The Fire of London”

  7. Lancelot Andrews, “On the Gunpowder Plot”

  8. Mysterious Letter

  9. English Language Essay

  10. Charles Lamb’s Letter on His Cold

  11. “The Shepherd’s Had an Angel” and other poems by Christina Rossetti

  12. Example Narrative Essay by Hudson Taylor

  13. Oscar Wilde, “The Devoted Friend” and Study Guide

The Union Jack Assignment

  1. By Completing this assignment you will better understand the development of the flag of the United Kingdom.

The Gunpowder Plot

  1. Letter 1
    Letter 2

Essay Grade Sheets

  1. The Descriptive Essay  Grade Sheet
    The Comparison Essay  Grade Sheet
    The Definition Essay  Grade Sheet

Blank Essay Sheet

  1. Please print out this blank sheet for all handwritten assignments.

Definition Essay

  1. Read what a definition essay is and an example of an essay defining superstition. Here is the outline sheet to help students format their own essay.

Comparison Essay

  1. Read a essay as a model for your King Lear comparison.

Children’s History Book Project

  1. Look at samples of previous works from students of previous years.

Material for the First Lesson

  1. 1-Literature: Malory Reading      2-Malory Questions     3-History: Reading on the Romans
    3-History Questions    4-Reading and Questions: Boadicea

English History Answers

  1. Here are the answers for English history (complete) for the final test.

Assignments for English Literature and History Class
The date listed is the day on which the assignment is given in class; the assignment is not due until the following week. Click on the hyperlink (specific date) for the assignment. Light gray indicates days when classes do not meet and no assignment will be given.


6     13     20     27


4     11     18     25


1     8     15     22     29


6     13     20      27


3     10    17     24     31


7     14     21     28


7     14     21     28


4      11     18     25


2      9     16     23     30