U. S. History

Assignments for United States History Class

The date listed is the day on which the assignment is given in class; the assignment is not due until the following week. Click on the hyperlink (specific date) for the assignment. Light gray indicates days when classes do not meet and no assignment will be given.


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1     8     15     22     29


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3      10     17     24     31

Materials for the Year

Below are some materials that students may want to refer to from time to time, especially when assignments are given.

Books needed for Class

Make sure that you borrow or purchase the following books by the given date. You will be tested on the material contained in the books.

  1. Joseph J. Ellis, Founding Brothers. New York: Knopf, 2001. (Last Friday in October)

  2. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. (Second Friday in January)

  3. Upton Sinclair, The Jungle. (First Friday in March)

Primary Source Reading Material

  1. Papal Bull of Alexander

  2. Journal Entry of Columbus

  3. The Alhambra

  4. Trial of Anne Hutchinson

  5. Cotton Mather on Roger Williams

  6. Roger Williams’ The Bloudy Tenent

  7. A Newspaper Account of George Whitefield

  8. Jonathan Edwards’ most famous sermon

  9. Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God” audio

  10. Letter of Jonathan Edwards to George Whitefield

  11. Franklin on the Great Awakening and George Whitefield

  12. Robert Dinwiddie’s letter to the French and the reply

  13. Captain Winslow

  14. Jonathan Mayhew

  15. Thomas Pain’s Common Sense (Excerpt)

  16. Stamp Act

  17. Patrick Henry Speech

  18. Bishop James Madison

  19. Federalist Papers Nos. 1 and 51

  20. Lewis and Clark 1

  21. Lewis and Clark 2

  22. Monroe Doctrine

  23. Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address with Questions

  24. Sherman Ant-trust and J.D. Rockefeller

  25. Whig Campaign Lyrics

  26. Rutherford B. Hayes’s Inaugural Address

  27. Timothy Flint Reading

  28. The Railroad Question (Populist Party)

  29. Benjamin West

  30. Ronald Reagan Clips

Miscellaneous Material

  1. Hawthorne, “Maypole of Merrymount”

  2. Hawthorne, “Endicott and the Redcross”

  3. Hawthorne, “The Grey Champion”

  4. Washington Irving’s Columbus

  5. Christopher Morley Essay

  6. Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush

  7. Essay on Capitalism: “I, Pencil”

  8. Lecture on Battle of Gettysburg and the Reconstruction

  9. Map of Lee’s March northward in the Gettysburg Campaign

  10. Ford’s Theater Pictures

  11. The Second Great Awakening Audio

  12. Assignment 31 Reading on Electoral College

  13. Assignment 31 Current Events 1 and 2

  14. Assignment 33 Current Events


  1. Unit 1 Test and DBQ

  2. Unit 2 Test

  3. Unit 3 Test and Free Response Question

  4. Unit 5 Test and DBQ (Note: As I mentioned in class, do not complete DBQ; just print out and bring to class)

  5. Unit 6 and 7 Test with DBQ.

AP Exam

  1. AP Calendar  The first two weeks in March is usually the due date for home school students to register. Exam dates are in May.

  2. Overview of Content

  3. Free-Response Questions before 2015; Document-based Questions from 1973–1999

  4. Free-Response Questions and Sample Answers after 2015: 

  5. AP History Rubric Learn how the document-based question and long essay question is graded

  6. Student Samples See what past students wrote and how other they fared on the document-based question.

  7. Official Sample Exam (2017)

Another multiple choice practice AP exam. The answers to the exam are at the end so that you can grade it yourself.