Vice and Virtue

Materials for the Year

  1. Syllabus, 2019–2020

  2. This syllabus is intended to give an overview of the school year. The class assignments will follow the syllabus, but there will be changes from time to time. Specific assignments, however, will be posted week to week on the assignment page. If the assignment page and the syllabus disagree, please follow the assignment page. The assignments are numbered according to weeks. There will be no classes on November 29, December 20, December 27, and April 10, and no assignments will be given for those dates. The tentative Speech Night date is Friday at 6:30 p.m. on May 22.

  3. Spelling List

  4. A list of spelling words with phonics instruction and challenge words for extra credit. This list was compiled from misspelled words on past compositions and writing assignments.

  5. Book Reports

  6. A format sheet for fiction and non-fiction book reports. You may choose your own book with my approval or find something on this book list for Vice and Virtue students.

  7. Blank Sheet for Essays

  8. Students must print out this sheet for all writing assignments: Checklist for narrative essay

  9. Extra Reading

  10. This story will be later read in the Vice and Virtue Course but is not included in the reader: “Tiger and Tom”

  11. Lesson 1 of Vice and Virtue

  12. Here is the first Lesson of Vice and Virtue with the assignment.
    Here is another assignment (Assignment 20) that will be given around the middle of the year.

  13. Diagnostic Test for Readiness

  14. Give your child the reading test below to test readiness. The child may take as much time in completing the test as needed. Be sure to encourage him to look back at the reading passage to answer the questions, as the questions are meant not to test memory but rather an understanding of the text.

  15. Reading

  16. Test Questions

  17. Answers to Test Questions

Assignments for Vice and Virtue Class

The date listed is the day on which the assignment is given in class; the assignment is not due until the following week. Click on the hyperlink (specific date) for the assignment. Light gray indicates days when classes do not meet and no assignment will be given. See the learning objectives for the course here.


6     13     20     27


4     11     18     25


1     8     15     22    (29)


6     13     (20)     (27)


3     10     17     24     31


7     14     21     28


6     13     20     27


3     (10)     17     24


1      8     15     22     29